Sunday, March 2, 2008

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Richard (INFRADANT LLC.) said...

This is how the banks are treating the TAX PAYERS.
Notice anyone living or doing business in Central Florida do not, do business with Florida Credit Union.
The United States, when people and business are hurting.
This is how this credit union will treat you.
My wife and I have just opened up a new business. We needed to open up a business account for the CCR registration and the Federal Government.
My wife and I have a personnel checking account with this credit union.
“When we arrived at the credit union they told us that we cannot open a business account due to low credit scores.”
Now I would think that if you bank with someone and they just received TAX DOLLARS and you would like to open up a business account with them they would have no problems.
“What is up with that?”
This is now way of helping small businesses and helping the United States in moving out of this credit problem.
The fact is the banks and credit unions started all this credit problems in the first place.
It is not like we are asking for $200,000.00 startup money, we are putting money in there bank so thay can loan out and manke more money.
INFRADANT LLC. Is a Professional Business Services Energy, Information Technology, Infrastructure Management that specializes in projects of all sizes that include: Next Energy Information Technology Infrastructure Management, Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructure Management, Education Information Technology Infrastructure Management, Next Information Technology Infrastructure Management and Virtualization Management. Data Center Automation, Document Management, Managed Services. Open-Source Software, Power Management, Software-As-A-Service, Server Virtualization, Thin-Client Computing, Unified Communications and Videoconferencing.

INFRADANT also specializes in all industries that include: Department of Defense contracting with Department of Human & Health Services, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Telecommunications, and non-profit Corporations.

Richard Phillips Vice President Chief Information Officer

Anonymous said...

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