Sunday, May 18, 2008

Edubuntu LTSP Classroom Installation

Yesterday, Free Geek Central Florida installed the educational version of Ubuntu, Edubuntu, in a Linux Terminal Server Project setup at Interventions Unlimited -a school for kids with learning or behavioral difficulties. The school works with mostly children with Autism.

The system consisted of:
  • The Edubuntu LTSP server - a desktop HP, 2.8 Ghz PIV (w/hyperthreading), 512mb (soon to be upgraded to 4 GB), 160 GB hard drive, 2 network cards
  • 6 Thin Client computers ranging from 350 MHz PII - 800 MHz PIII. We tried to make sure all Thin Clients had at least 256 MB RAM. No hard drives in the computers.
  • 6 good CRT Monitors, keyboards, mice.
Except for the cabling, all the equipment came from discarded or donated computers and part.

We started at 12:30pm

The "Freekers" (Free Geekers) started the setup by bring in the computers and placing them where they'd need to go in each room.
Next, plugged everything in, and made sure each thin client had power and attempted to boot to the network. We didn't have the network setup just yet, so they couldn't log in. Luckily, everything booted right up.

Without Shawn, we might have never completed the network cable plant part.
Once the network was up, we setup user accounts, and made sure each thin client could login to the server. We would have like to test the overall load on the system, but the server only has 512 mb RAM right now, so it would be taxed enough. With 4 GB of RAM, it will work just fine, even with twenty thin clients.

Everything just worked.
More pictures to come. Keep watching our flickr site.


Anonymous said...

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joe mac said...

I recently installed a stand alone Edubuntu set up in a small student lab built on top of Ubuntu 9.04. Stand alone due to the lack of funds for a server/desktop with enough umph, and or the resources to purchase the hardware needed to do the PXE boot or thin client option. Ours just worked as well, glad to see that others are putting the Buntu out there for the kids as well.